Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Character: Vicki

I'll try to sketch a profile of the characters in our story as they enter the picture so you have an idea who I'll be writing about.

"Vicki" is our first--and as of this writing, only--contact with PATH outside of the foster parents who referred us. She's a social worker, looks to be in her twenties, and seems very competent. Her catchphrase is "Rock on!", usually delivered with a big smile and a thumbs-up. She's visited our house a few times, has been a joy to talk with, and is the one we're looking to for direction with issues like corporal punishment (DON'T DO IT!), how to deal with difficult biological parents and so forth. She writes on her hands, she's a pet lover with pets of her own, and she travels a lot, maintaining offices in two towns.

This girl is on the go, and I get the sense she's pretty good at what she does. I think we're in good hands, and I hope the traditionally high turnover for social workers in child protection doesn't strike too soon in this case. I've seen a lot worse.


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