Friday, July 23, 2010

Kid: "Marcus"

"Marcus" came to us some time ago, but I've only gotten to know him in the last few weeks since I've been home again (more on that later).  He is nearly 4 and, by the best guess of those who know, autistic.  He doesn't talk.  Or rather, he doesn't speak.  He does make certain things known very well, like for instance when he's unhappy about something.  Specific communication is challenging, but the broad strokes of how "Marcus" is feeling at any given point isn't very hard to decipher.

"Marcus" has "potty issues", especially at night.  In fact, without trying to get too graphic about it, he is also something of a sculptor.  He also enjoys some...uh...UNIQUE facials.  Yes, it's that bad sometimes.  Enough so that we have done away with the carpeting in his room in favor of washable stick-down tiles.  Only one incident since then, and it was a LOT easier this time, if not any easier on our stomachs.

Still, this little boy is often fun to be around.  We're likely to burn out over the long run given his many, many, MANY special needs (including at least one appointment in distant towns every single day) but we'll see how long we can last.  People like him used to be immediately referred to institutions I suspect, but with budget cuts and so forth I guess they put the B team on the field.  That's us.

From the perspective of a person who is studying special education, "Marcus" is a fascinating case study.  I would guess he is about at the developmental age of 18 months or less in most ways.  Absolutely no toilet training, no words, and very into immediate gratification.  His parents clearly love him dearly, but have great difficulty meeting his needs.  I can't say I blame them.

As I currently understand it, we are to have him for at least another month or more.


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