Friday, September 15, 2006

Character: "Jenny"

"Jenny", at 9, is the oldest of the three that we did respite for last weekend (the other two being 8 and 8 months). Apparently there was some sort of blow-up at home this week, and "Jenny" had to be removed from home, at least for awhile.

"Jenny" is a tubby little girl. It's easy to see why when you eat a meal with her...not so much that she eats a lot. She does, but probably not outside of the general realm of normal. The problem is what and how she eats. Last weekend we had pancakes for breakfast Saturday, but looking at her plate you'd think it was some sort of butter stew with a little bread in it. Tonight we had taco soup, but hers looked more like sour cream soup with a few beans in it. We're going to have to work on that.

Other than that, she has promptly developed a worshipful attitude toward "Tammy", who seems rather nonplussed about the whole thing. She enjoys bouncing on my tramp (which I jog on for light exercise and stress release). She idolizes The Wife, seems to still have the jury out on me, and is clean, respectful and to all appearances--so far--an all-around good girl.

She also loves Willy, who returns the feeling with gusto, as he does with anyone who will pet him or give him food. Hey, he's a dog.

I'm not sure what all has happened at home for "Jenny", but I imagine we'll find out in due course and I'll reveal here as much as I can.

We now have two medium-to-long-term placements, where a little over a week ago we had zero. Life is good. And so are "Jenny" and "Tammy".


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