Wednesday, September 28, 2005


We have a revolving door of pets. I just lost Bo...currently we have:

Willy. A new addition from the Humane Society, Willy is a Chow/Lhasa Apso/Terrier cross. He's black and white and full of fun. He gives great puppy-kisses and loves to terrorize Tasha (and she him).

Tasha. She joined The Wife from the Humane Society years ago, and is a geriatric Alaskan Husky, also known as American Couch Hound. She usually doesn't have a lot of energy, loves massages for her arthritis, and loves chewies, in spite of her bad teeth.

Zoey. She's a grey cat, still pretty young and loves to hunt bugs with her partner Sophie. She showed up on the in-laws' doorstep in the dead of last winter expecting to be taken in. She wasn't disappointed.

Sophie. She's a tiger cat with a white belly and beautiful markings. She specializes in doing summersaults in your lap without falling off while you pet her. She was part of a package deal with The Wife.

Carmie. She's a sort of calico cat and also came with The Wife. She's sort of a dorky-looking cat, with cow-like "udders" and a scrawny neck, but don't tell her I said so. She's shy around strangers, but makes a nightly ritual of climbing up onto my chest each night when I lay down in bed to collect her daily ration of daddy-love.


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