Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kid: "Pixie"

The latest addition to our family is a 13-year-old girl.  She just got here yesterday so we really haven't had much to judge her by yet, but so far all seems pleasant.  Tonight she spent a bit of time with The Wife watching TV, and even took my usual role of getting a snack for The Wife in bed.  Hmmpf.

"Pixie" and "Elaine" seem to get along very well together, watching the same kinds of movies and liking the same kinds of music.  They even look a bit alike, in a way.  Tonight they came to ask if they could bring the portable DVD player into their room to watch so they wouldn't have to lay around in the next room (their own private living room with a 50" plasma-screen TV).  Apparently they're equally lazy as well.  The answer, of course, was "are you kidding me?  Get out of here."

I haven't yet read "Pixie's" file, but I'm told she has quite the depressing history.  She doesn't show it at first blush...but I hope we're able to gain her confidence enough to help her out with the things she needs to work on.  She is only slated to be with us for a month, but that could change.  In any case, The Wife is known for working well with teen girls.  From my own observations from being in the trenches with her for a few years now, I'd be more likely to say she works miracles with them.  I definitely married above my level.


At 4:55 AM , Anonymous Mike said...

Good luck with your latest child and thanks for sharing your story.


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