Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Character: The Wife

She doesn't want her name used, which I will try to abide. We met in college years ago and remained long-distance friends through my first marriage, and struck up a romance after my divorce. We were married less than a year later. She's very organized (unlike me), attentive to my wants and needs, and I honestly can't find anything to really criticize. She loves animals as I do, she loved Bo almost as much as I did, she lets me spend time on Fantasy football, she makes me spaghetti frequently and she otherwise humors my fleeting and permanent obsessions. I'm the most blessed man I know.

She's a licensed social worker, but after our recent move we decided she shouldn't get a job outside the home, as fostering and looking after me will probably be enough of a job once we get going.

She's a strong Christian. I think that will be tested in the coming months and years. Heh.


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