Friday, September 30, 2005

Getting It Together

Not much to report at the moment, and there probably won't be any earth-shattering developments until we actually get a which time earth-shattering developments could become a daily thing, if memory serves.

So we're spending our free time enjoying the fact that we still have free time, and on the side gathering together our paperwork to feed into the maw of the foster-care bureaucracy. Tomorrow I have to get out the blow torch to prepare a well-water sample (don't ask). I got my doctor's note yesterday to the effect that yes, indeed, I am healthy enough to be doing this foolish thing. The Wife got hers yesterday as well. We've hassled the two delinquent reference to turn their stuff in, but hopefully not enough that they'll just pitch them in the garbage. I've studied up on the fire code and I still have a few issues there, but I'm debating whether to just wait to see which of the several violations the inspector flags and fix them then. Maybe he'll be hung over, or be thinking about other things or something when he does the inspection. A guy can hope, right?

This weekend I'll be planting 309 bulbs (again, don't ask) and mowing the lawn so that yard work is mostly out of the way for the season.

Basically, we're in get-ready mode. The team has taken the field for warmups. If you'll excuse me, I have to go get some reps in with the first team, or I won't be ready for kickoff.


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