Friday, February 08, 2008

"Celeste" Makes a Run For The Border

...and comes up short. Heh.

First of all, this post is done during work. That means basically that I can only type when I'm waiting for some other (computerized) process to complete, which is usually only about 1 minute or less at a time, so bear with me.

Anyway, "Celeste" decided Wednesday that she had had enough of living in foster care. She was done with our fascistic tendency of forcing her to let us know where she was at all time. After all, *real* kids don't have to do that. She was done with our horribly oppressive regime of loving her, making sure she didn't hurt herself, and (the absolute gall) forbidding her contact with certain people that she found "cool". Truly, people. Hide your children. We are fascists who will swallow up your puny capitalistic society.

So "Celeste" decided that it would be novel to do what kids had done to my parents in the 70s and 80s...go to the cops. Her mistake was to do it after saying things that led us to believe that she meant the cops were actively looking for her as she walked into the police station and claimed asylum from the evil dictatorship that is being practiced in our house. Hey, it saved the K-9 pooch from having to do a reprise of the act he did earlier that saved her life.

Anyway, this caused her to be sent to another PATH home nearby for a night. And then, right back into our house. Yep, the same one she was fleeing, and the very outcome we had hoped for. At times in the past in political blogs, I have left comments to the effect that I had never seen our local government(s) make an intelligent decision. I now have to take that back. They're doing right by "Celeste", just by re-subjecting her to the ministrations of The Wife. Because The Wife loves her, and I love her, and we're GOING to fix this thing, if they give us the chance.

Regarding this, I heard comforting noises last night. If the normal man in the normal situation said he heard "comforting noises", you might think he heard reconciliation, followed by hugs all around and everybody forgiving everybody. I am neither a normal man nor is this a normal situation. What I heard that was comforting was that I heard, for the first time (of many) a session of crying from "Celeste" that sounded sincere. As I learned later from The Wife, a lot of it had to do with her boyfriend breaking up with her.

Don't Pooh pooh that. It's a serious thing. The girl that hooked me in my freshman year of high school had my heart (mostly, with only a little competition from 2 others that both would probably have had my full attention if they'd only found me sooner) for my entire high-school romantic "career". I know where "Celeste" is. On the other hand, I look at she, and any other girl we have, as potential moms. What will they teach the inevitable kids they have?

I heard HONEST tears from the other room last night. The Wife knows exactly where "Celeste" is at. She's had more than her share of heartbreak. I was friends with her for much longer than I've been her husband. I know she won't like it, but I'll say that I absorbed some of her tears back in college, at the same time that I was wishing I could have her. There is at least one "incident" that occurred back in the fall of '90 that we both remember well, and that I believe put me on the path to being her husband. If only she'd shown any interest back then...Heh.

But I digress. I heard HONEST tears out of "Celeste". That's enough. She was letting out something that needed to get out, and I'm glad. I hope it continues.

I'm confused by "Celeste's" love life, but I love my life. And my love life.


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