Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Today when I got home from work, I found that we had received a gift from our veterinarian. When they came out to put down Beau (my best friend for years and the finest monsterdog I ever met...I'll mention him from time to time, I'm sure) on September 2, they brought with them an interesting thing. A blank plaster mold. After Beau's heart had stopped beating and mine was beating harder and heavier than I can ever remember, they pulled out the mold and took a paw print.

A simple thing. Not a big deal, just a nice little touch so we might have something to remember him by. They had it finished somehow with a smooth texture, and it came today. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

Beau has his eternal rest in our back yard, and I go out every few days or so to pay him a visit and remind him, wherever he is, to be a good dog and remember me until we meet again. Typical grieving pet owner stuff, and it's already begun to taper off a little. I thought I was getting over losing him, but one glance at that paw print and I was a gibbering pile of jello. I didn't know eyes could well up that fast. I was afraid I'd dehydrate.

I hate to imagine what it will be like when they come and take away kids we've been taking care of and gotten attached to. I'm glad The Wife has a good grasp on life. I need her steady hand to make it through what's ahead, I think. I'll provide the spark if she'll provide the damp cloth when it's needed. Sort of the opposite of how my folks ran things, I guess. But if it works, you can't argue with it.


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