Thursday, January 19, 2006


Tonight, The Wife took the Little Darling to a women's thing. By that, I mean some kind of makeup or kitchenware or some other hideously feminine gathering where the atmospheric estrogen level is too high for a man whose name isn't Michael Jackson to want to get mixed up in it. As a result, I had a Boy's Night In.

Ahhhh. Played with my snowblower, listened to 80s music (Bon Jovi's "On the Edge of a Broken Heart" currently playing), computer strategy games, and soon a little reading. Then perhaps a little ice cream and an early bedtime.

Life is good. Also a lot different than a decade or so ago.

UPDATE: Sorry, it wasn't makeup or kitchenware, it was a stamping party. Eh, they're all basically femswarms. In my view, men who are wise will allow them to happen (like they could be stopped), but avoid them when possible.


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