Monday, January 09, 2006

Food for Thought

A poem "Josie" showed me tonight. She wrote it right after she got out of lock up. She claims it's the only poem she ever wrote.

So Alone

A prisoner in yourself trapped
Feelings and thoughts kept
Screaming for freedom
The mental beating night and day
Hold me face down forced to stay
Wanting to be left alone
Needing to be shown the way
Wish to be like the docks in the bay
So silent, so free
Do they not care what I feel
How could they be so cruel
So mean and intelligent, yes and so young
If they could be in my shoes just for one day
I'm running, running so far, so fast
Still within their clasps
So petrified, so afraid
Within myself I lay
Keeping my anger and feelings
Tucked away at bay
How could they possibly know what I feel
All the words they say
All I can do is pray
Pray for something better than this
When I was little people told me I would go far in life
Now standing here today, I question them: if so, when?
The little children run around me
In happiness and joy, now that I
See this sight I wish I could
Have those feelings
I feel so locked up
In a room a cold dark room.
I'm scared and screaming for help
Listening to the silence, it kills me
That I feel no one responding
To my cries of shame and fear.

The saying "people get what they deserve" means nothing to me.

"What did I do to deserve this punishment?"

I feel honored that she shared this with me. It's a pretty deep look into her soul, I think.


At 8:29 AM , Anonymous Christian aka Ryan said...

I liked reading this poem ( as I do all the blog entires) If, in the furture, are anymore poems I would love to read them also.


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