Saturday, January 21, 2006

Time to Tighten the Ship?

So tonight we were scheduled to work a shift at the Humane Society. The usual thing...swabbing out kennels, feeding and walking the dogs, and so forth. As an aside, I'm pretty sure Hunter, a yellow lab who is close to the longest-running tenant of the local Humane Society, is getting a little warped and may be getting to the unadoptable point...but that's neither here nor there in the current discussion.

Anyway, just as we were starting to think about getting ready, "Josie" asks if her mother could pick her up and they could have dinner together, and then her mother could drop her off at the Humane Society when they were finished. Whatever.

It went as planned, and when we were done "Josie" showed me a free movie rental she had gotten someplace (her mom? Her mom's boyfriend? Who is free) and could we pleeeeeeeez use it tonight? Whatever.

However, my gut is acting up tonight, so I beg off going into the store, and send "Josie" and The Wife in to pick whatever they want. They come out a few minutes later and we go home. All is good, though I didn't get that Going Home feeling I got last night and wrote about earlier.

So they watched the movie while I dealt with my stomach issue.

I was on the computer when the movie finished and "Josie" came in all sparkly-eyed and apple-cheeked. "It was a reeeeeeely great movie! There was blood and gore everywhere! It was the scariest movie I've seen in a reeeeeeely long time!"

Mom would most definitely not be proud. The girl is fairly mature and she won't get nightmares or anything like that, but we probably should be trying to steer things in another direction, I think, and we're getting lazy. I suspect it's now time to tighten it up a little.


At 4:39 PM , Anonymous Auntie J said...

Whats wrong with a little horror? I didn't turn out so bad did i? Wait..dont awnser that...LOL


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