Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bad Tidings

The Wife received a call from "Tammy". Apparently, "Tammy" had been in touch briefly with "Celeste" via instant messaging at some point recently.

According to "Tammy", "Celeste" claimed to have run away, and was now living in the Twin Cities. She seems to appreciate the fact that now she can have all the drugs and sex she wants, with nobody to tell her what to do.

"Celeste" has yet to reach 15. I have a bad feeling she won't make it to 18.

If you are not a foster parent but are considering it, you should bear this type of situation in mind. If you do this for any length of time, it WILL happen to one of your kids. My folks had one girl whose ultimate dream job was to be a hooker in Minneapolis.

It wouldn't be very strange--if you did it for a long time--if one of your kids died while you still knew them. And there's always the (smaller) chance that they could die while in your care, through no fault of your own.

But you'd have to live with that, just the same. It behooves you to at least consider whether you or your family could deal with such things before you find out the hard way.

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