Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tightrope Walking

I've been working a lot. Like 60-70 hours a week the last few weeks, getting ready for a big deadline that's very important to my company.

This is a thing that happens periodically in my line of work...but it's going to have to be tempered a bit, as per orders from The Wife. You see, she has let me know in no uncertain terms that once our waiting game is played out (still waiting on references) and PATH places one or more children here, I will have to help her take care of them.

Of all the nerve. Heh. Anyway, she'll have to accept that there will be times that my services are going to be desperately needed and I'll have to put in more time. My boss is going to have to accept that while right now I'm relatively unfettered and can pull his fat out of the fire when necessary, soon it's going to be harder for me to drop what I'm doing and go baby a customer through a software install at 8 o'clock at night over the phone.

Wife: strong. Hard driving. Demands my time, and lots of it. Needs my help to make it through.

Boss: strong. Hard driving. Demands my time, and lots of it. Needs my help to make it through.

Wife, meet boss. Boss, meet wife. You two have a cage match or whatever and figure out how I'll be spending the majority of my time over the next few years. I'll be over here in the corner waiting to find out who will be my master. If I was a betting man, I'd have money on The Wife, but The Boss is tough, too. Hard call.

You ever get the feeling that you're not exactly the one in control of your own destiny sometimes?


At 6:22 AM , Anonymous Auntie J said...

I am going to make a comment on my sisters behalf here...Yes she can be tough but she is all soft corners and warm fuzzys...like a crab or turtle she has a tough outside when need but but is all mush on the inside and without her i wouldnt be who i am today...


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