Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Conflictedness, Spy Network, Etc.

I feel trouble coming in the situation with "Josie". The social workers want reunification with her family, basically meaning her mother. She does too. So do we.

On the flipside, her mother wants to sit at the bar and spend time there and elsewhere with her new boyfriend. The latest news is that she's planning on selling her house and shacking up with him, though I don't have that yet from a source I consider reliable. Further, "Josie" gets in trouble when she goes to visit mom. Every. Single. Time. Hence, we are currently under orders not to allow home visits unless approved by her PO.

Of course, this makes us the bad guy when we say no. "Josie" doesn't let us off easy, either, asking at least once every day or two for us to break or bend the rule in some fashion or other, and I bent it tonight by swinging by and letting her run in and visit for a couple minutes. I was actually nervous she'd catch them doing something they shouldn't be, but the idea actually pleased me in a way too since she needs to be reminded that that environment isn't going to help her straighten out at all.

On another note, our spy network is improving by leaps and bounds. We now have several kids insinuated into "Josie's" life that are likely to inform on her, and one has already passed on useful information. Oh, the intrigue! I'd better not say any more on that subject right now. I don't want to burn any good sources.

My mom's network amazed me. I wasn't supposed to cross the train tracks in my hometown when I was a kid. Once I did, for about 10 minutes, to stop at a friend's house. Then I went straight home, which took about 10 minutes. Mom was waiting in the kitchen for me with her boxing gloves on and fire in her eyes. Holy crap, but that woman was good. I never did find out who the rat was that time. Of course, now that I don't care if she knows where I am or what I'm doing, she doesn't seem to particularly care where I'm at or what I'm doing at any given time. Life's funny like that.

Finally, a personal to loredana: email me. You are apparently not loredana anymore, and I have something to send you.


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