Friday, June 23, 2006

A Visit from Dad

Mom has a tradition where she and her sisters get together once a year for "Sisters' Weekend". This is a completely separate and distinct ritual from the also-annual "Purple Hat Tea" (the genesis of which is unclear to me to this day).

The problem is that while the Purple Hat Tea is an open affair, where visitors are not only welcome but their presence is occasionally demanded, the Sisters' Weekend is more of a private spouses. You can see from this that my inclination to get old friends together at the lake cabin is most likely genetic.

So we saw an opportunity to not only welcome a wifeless refugee and give Dad some company, but also to get some extra work done on our basement. Several walls need to go in, and hopefully tomorrow is the day.

I. Never. Refuse. Dad's. Help. It would be stupid. He doesn't eat much, he's good company, and he can create an explosive device with chewing gum, fish guts and twine. MacGyver, eat your heart out.

That piddling basement doesn't stand a chance. I almost feel sorry for it. Almost.


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