Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Midlife Crisis

Yeah, that's gotta be it. I'm getting a little bipolar or something lately. One night I'm a sentimental sap, the next night I'm doing a rock show for the dogs and nobody else, and now I'm just at loose ends and don't know what I'm feeling.

The Wife is on her vacation, and took the cell phone and the only long-distance option I've got along with her, so I can't even call Mom & Dad. Tried the cell twice with no answer, and even the dogs don't seem interested in conversation tonight. Not that they're all that sparklingly witty, but c'mon. Somebody should want to talk to me for 10 minutes.

I should be happily relaxing tonight, and all I can think about is work. I was going to go fishing, but then that sounded entirely lame after I thought about it. The same for a motorcycle ride, going to rent a movie, bicycling, mowing the lawn and everything else I've thought of to do tonight. Even fercripesake music doesn't interest me tonight. I feel...anxious. About nothing that I can identify.

This is no way to run a respite break.

UPDATE: The Wife called back after all, and then Mom called and we talked for half an hour. I now have some Tylenol PM in me and I do believe I could sleep after all. May the next 8 or so hours be dreamless. My mind needs a rest much more than my body does. I crave contentment and peace right now more than anything else I can think of.


At 9:14 AM , Blogger Julie said...

You could have watched- "So you think you can dance" and tried to learn some new moves before your wife comes home! :)


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