Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More on "Tammy"

The newest wolf in our pack continues to impress the more we interact with her. To all appearances so far, she is a very normal, likeable girl whose family has some problems that aren't likely to go away soon.

We had a meeting with her teachers, counselors and social workers today. It was quite the pow-wow, and we learned a lot about our new charge. The main thing people seem to be concerned about is her hurting herself. While we will be careful to supervise her closely, I haven't seen anything that alarms me yet. Her counsellors seemed ultra-concerned that she have a place where she can feel safe. I'm not sure what that's about, but we're supposed to see to it. Yes, drill sergeant!

We also discovered that she likes staying with us immensely, she enjoyed going to church as a family and it seems sitting down together as a family to eat dinner is a new and wonderful thing to her. Sigh. Eating dinner with your family should be a birthright of every child, not a novelty.

I got the "Hi, stranger" treatment again when I got home from work today, complete with that same cute little half-smile of hers. I do believe I'm charmed by this self-conscious little girl. I hope she stays with us a while...it's very nice to have such a low-maintenance daughter for once.


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