Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Josie" Update

Ah, yes, "Josie" still exists in this world. Barely. Things have been going on with her, but she hasn't been back to see us for a LONG time. She has, however, managed to turn nearly everybody but us and her mother against her. The girl's pretty and fun, but she just ain't smart.

Let's see...I believe I mentioned at one point that "Melanie" went and got herself just a little bit preggers. Well, she found herself a man when she was a few months gone. Trouble is, "Josie" found her man, and they liked each other just a little too much. So much for "Melanie's" beau AND her friendship with "Josie". Last words I heard on the subject from "Mel" was "I don't care if she jumps up her own ass and dies". Ouch.

"Josie" ran away from her brother's where she was staying, got caught in a nearby town and got sent to a fairly distant town to foster care there, on the theory that she had crapped in her nest so badly here she needed a new start where nobody knew her.

She ran away from there a month or two later and eventually was caught in yet another of the towns around here. I'm pretty sure her picture is part of the training curriculum at all Minnesota police academies by now.

She is now a long-term guest at one of the juvenile holding tanks around here. I have no idea what that girl is going to do when she turns 18, but I know it won't be good. She's going to have such a hard landing when she discovers that yes, you can do what you want when you turn 18, but yes, you'll also then be fully and personally responsible for the stupid things you do.

It's very hard to see such a young, fun, good person trying with everything they've got to throw away any chance they have at a bright future...but I've started to distance myself from it now. I fell in love with that girl and I guess that's not really ever going to change, but there are a lot of other kids that can still be helped and haven't done everything she's done to throw it back at in our faces. I guess I'll just have to concentrate on the success we've had with kids like "Tammy" and "Celeste". Not that those are guaranteed to bear a lot of fruit either, but but sooner or later we'll hit one out of the park if we just don't give up.

We have to hit some out of the park, or at least get the occasional ground-rule double. Else why are we even doing this? I mean, besides the outstanding entertainment?


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