Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nice Sunday

We went to church this morning, and "Celeste" actually behaved herself and, tellingly to us, took communion. She was boycotting all things religious, but I think she is still trying to get herself right with God. It would be wonderful if she could, but just the idea that she's thinking about it thrills me. She's beginning to learn at least that she doesn't have all the answers, and that there are sources outside herself that are worth something.

It has been a long, rainy Sunday afternoon. "Celeste" began by demanding to go on the computer. She was on for 20 minutes, and since then has been spending time alternately watching TV in the kitchen and writing or laying in my spot in our bed watching TV with The Wife. Just the way a rainy Sunday afternoon should be spent, in my humblest of opinions.

For my part, I spent my day and will most likely spend my evening watching groups of extremely large, sweaty men try to beat each other up while following an arcane set of rules. I will compare each individual large, sweaty man's results against my guesses of who would beat up who the most in order to determine if my guesses about the matter were superior to those of faceless people I have never met and never will meet, to determine if I should taunt them or if I should be expecting them to taunt me.

This is known as "Fantasy Football", and it rawks.


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