Friday, October 19, 2007

Couple of Notes

1) The internet is fun. I am now the #1 hit on google for the search phrase "why are people fascinated in animals". Referral logs are full of wonderful (and useless) information.

2) The internet is dangerous. I've had some good laughs over things I've seen in my logs, but also had some very, very bad moments when I've seen various search phrases.

If you have kids, keep them close to you. DO NOT let them talk to strangers on the internet. Don't let kids under 15 or so use the internet outside of a common area in your house, and it's invaluable to have a key logger program on your PC. I recommend K9 for controlling what your kids can browse to (doesn't help with many chat programs, though). I further recommend Perfect Key Logger to keep an eye on the things they're typing. Some people have qualms about "invasion of privacy". Your kids have no right of privacy when it comes to the internet. Remember that, and make sure they're protected.

Most importantly, confront them when you discover they've visited an inappropriate site or have been chatting inappropriately. Confiscate computers. Ground them for OMIGODTHEMOSTIMPORTANTSOCIALEVENTOFTHEYEAR, if that's what it takes to make them understand you're serious.

Hey, "Celeste" and "Jill" (before she left) absolutely detest these things. I can't think of a better endorsement for their effectiveness.


At 6:21 AM , Anonymous hope4future said...

I use Netnanny - which allows you to block chat and myspace type sites, as well as any specific site, or genre of site that you decide should be off limits. It lets you set time limits and you can block out times that you allow internet usage. You set user profiles and the kids have to log in using their profile - that way adults don't have the same restrictions.

For keylogging I use Iopus. It's pretty good, even allows for screenshots, but you only get one side of the chat conversation.

Now if I could just get something to put on a cell phone. I didn't give her the cell phone (her mom did) and we restrict usage - but she can still have private conversations and texts that we have no ability to monitor.


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