Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Celeste" Fricassee

So I was sitting browsing some blogs when "Jill" came flying in and babbling about how "Celeste" was cutting and "bleeding all over the place". "Jill" is quite the drama queen, but in a foster home those are words that chill your heart no matter who says them. I live in fear of the day when a child doesn't answer the breakfast call and we get a visit from the police and the coroner.

I went in to check it out, and indeed "Celeste" had done quite a number on her arm. Smallish cuts, none deep but numbering like the stars all up and down the top of one arm, plus a few for good measure across her wrists. She's smart enough to know (and our subsequent conversation verified that she does know) that if she were going to do a good job of offing herself, she would do far better to cut her arm deep the long way from wrist to elbow, so I'm taking that as a sign that this was a more mainline variety of cutting. Still, it's worrisome.

She had just today lost her internet privileges and most of her phone privileges until at least Saturday as a result of some truly nasty things she was IMing with a boy. The girl is 13 and hypersexualized to the point that she's barely recognizable as a human.



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