Saturday, July 14, 2007

One, Two, Three, GO!

Has anybody but me noticed that ESPN2 is a fountain of the interesting, the funny and the obnoxiously absurd? I tune in once in awhile, especially when I see something particularly grotesque on the schedule.

I am currently watching the Rock, Paper, Scissors ("RPS" to those who know what they're talking about) championship. I sh*t you not. The winner takes away $50,000.

Watching this is a treat. If it was a college class, it would be a cross between anthropology and abnormal psychology. I just watched an old guy with perfect white whiskers and dressed up as Santa clause lose to some college-age punk by repeatedly picking "Paper" while the other guy picked "Scissors" like 5 times in a row. We're in the semifinals, so it's a sudden death match, natch.

It comes complete with the obligatory hot chick, who just beat some giant slob who looked like he hadn't showered since Clinton was president. She had a large cheering section. I'm guessing it was her "mental focus" and "intensity" that won them over. No way could it be her hot body, beautiful hair and killer boobs.

Seriously, this comes complete with little clips like you see in football broadcasts about their training regimen, how well they try to eat, how long they've been participating in this "sport", and everything. Naturally, they have a retired "RPS champion" as color commentator.

I'm not sure if things like this indicate that we're too rich as a society that we need things to spend money on, we're a sick society in a heated race to oblivion, or people are just plain weird. I want to believe the first or last, but sometimes I fear the second.

The worst part is, I suddenly feel an obscene urge to see this thing in person sometime.

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At 4:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read your whole blog. I have one word....WHEWW! lol

I love your life....actually, I love the way you write about it.

-Nicole in NY


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