Friday, May 16, 2008

Frogs and Crickets and Other Stuff

I have written before about the frogs and crickets. They live in the swamp behind my house, and they make music that is ever so fine. I have a coworker who is by fits and starts an orchestra conductor. He actually left today for a few weeks to do a gig in Pittsburgh or somewhere. He has NOTHING on me.

You see, I now know the drill with these amphibians and insects. You need to walk out there right about 1 hour after the sun goes down and pretend to be warming up. Then you can go back inside for an hour, but then you have to go back out and actually *conduct* them (if you want to be convincing, anyway). And then stay, pretending to conduct them, until dawn when they finally shut up. No thanks.

These critters are God's fault. Talk to Him about it if you have a complaint.

In other news, "Tammy" is now back at home. Again. And since she's only a Junior, she'll be back to our house again in a few months. We're familiar with the drill. What terrifies me is what happens to her next year, when the county can't just barge in like they have been doing? What then? She's a great person, but then they'll have used up their effectiveness.

Ah, well, I guess we'll worry about that when the time comes.

This weekend, Auntie J and Uncle R have agreed to bless us with their comany for the weekend. I have agreed to provide a way for them to fish. Therefore, I must get up in the morning and go get a battery for the canoe (marine battery to run the trolling motor). Also, whle I'm at it, I'll get a battery for the lawnmower, since that needs doing, and also a battery for the motorcycle. It never ends.



At 4:13 PM , Anonymous Auntie J said...

It turned out that we did not get to fish the way i wanted to, but did fish via the new toy. I am now addicted to the Wii game system. Thanks Dan! We had a great weekend and i can not wait to come back and kick more butt.


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