Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I don't know if this has any relevance to anything or not...

Tonight I was sitting watching TV and vegging out. Being something of a political junkie, I was checking out the VA & IN primary election returns on CNN, while flipping back and forth on other channels when it got boring.

Somewhere along the line I found ECW Raw. Yes, I'm a closet wrestling fan, though I haven't watched as much the last...uh...decade or so. Anyway, I saw Kane was wrestling, and he's just a beast that's worth watching for the sheer value of knowing that *I* don't look like that.

When the match was over, some shrill woman/manager came on and started berating the guy that beat up her guy, or something. Ick. I flipped back to CNN. For a second I wondered if my remote or TV wasn't working as well, because the sound didn't sound like it had changed at all, yet here we had a picture of Hillary chewing us all out over something or other. Amazing.

I sat through the rest of her spiel, and then they skipped to a speech Obama had made or was making. The boy knows how to work himself into a lather, and tonight was no exception. I generally enjoy that, but tonight it was tiring, so I hit recall.

Now the picture was fine, except that Obama suddenly had on a pair of wrestling tights and was getting the tar whaled out of him by some righteously huge dude...but the sound was somebody who I at first thought was the old Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart, but turned out to be some other guy complaining about how his favorite guy was losing.

In the final analysis, in form and in function, politics is more like professional wrestling than most of the politicians would like us to believe.

No fostering news to report, except that "Tammy" is now back with us again, and back going home every other day again just like before. This county HATES to spend money, and REALLY knows how to waste it once they do decide to fork it over. But hey...she's easy to have around and the checks keep coming whether she stays overnight here or at home, so I try to not mind much.


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