Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ebb and Flow

The Wife, as I have said before, is the heartbeat of our household.  We'd be completely lost without the energy and effort she puts out each and every day...especially days like today and yesterday, when I've been fighting a splitting headache and am not much help.  But Panda and the various kids that come and go make up the rest of the body of the place, and we've had a fairly interesting group this past week.  One 16-year-old girl who I have not introduced--but who has been with us for several months (she is about to leave us, it looks like)--is here, along with another 16-year-old girl who was here for the last week for respite from one of our colleagues' house.  They are both good kids and have had a lot of fun together and with Panda.  We also have "Marcus", of course, plus his two PCAs have been in and out, one of which is a virtual member of our household already being the son of a close friend of the family and the other of which is new to us but seems very compatible with us.

All these people along with the usual pets have combined into a very nice unit for a week, issues with "Marcus" notwithstanding.  It works out that way sometimes.  You get a glimpse of why you wanted to do this, and a peek at the sort of fine people the teens could grow up to be if only they listen to at least part of what you're trying to teach them.

Plus, there was spaghetti.  No week is a total loss if there was spaghetti.

Tomorrow we are supposed to be receiving a new 13-year-old girl, who is scheduled to be staying with us for a month or so, until school starts.  Should be interesting to see what she's about.  I know her age, gender and first name, and that is all.  Life is nothing if not dynamic.


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