Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Character: The Boss

My boss is an amazing man. He's the ringleader of a small circus, and I'm the new clown in the tent. He was a school teacher/principal in another life, and he's probably the best-connected man in the entire 5-county area. He knows everybody.

He's business-savvy, he's trying desperately to build our business, and he gets the job done, whatever it may be. He demands that of us, too, and appreciates our effort. He's the first boss I ever had that actually thanks me when I stay late to tackle a stubborn problem. He's a natural leader and a rain maker. He makes stuff happen, and it's usually even the stuff he wants to happen. If I had a mattress full of cash, I'd invest it in whatever he's doing, because it may happen early and it may happen late, but it will happen. Plus, he lets me play with neat stuff. Okay, so I'm a geek. I love the gadgets we have to program.

He demands a lot. I haven't been around the company long enough to tell for sure, but I suspect he'll be generous as well once we've got some real success under our belt. I want this man to get very rich and very comfortable, because I plan on hanging onto his coattails until I get rich by osmosis. Or at least until I can afford a boat.

Am I an on-board, dedicated employee? Does an ursine mammal defacate amongst large groups of deciduous and/or coniferous arboreal flora?

The Boss' comment when I told him our plans: "God bless you. You'll need it." Which left me wondering what this former school principal knows that I'll be finding out the hard way.


At 12:49 PM , Blogger Steph said...

My husband and I are too foster parents. We now have 5 foster (3 boys/2girls) and 1 biological daughter. We became foster parents in July 2005 after 8 years of being unable to conceive.
We have not had any of the bad experiences listed in your blog. "knock on wood". We have learning disabilities but they are progressing with special ed in school and at home help.
I'm home with 5 today and it is pretty quiet. It is too cold to play outside so they are playing authorized computer games, reading, homework and authorized tv. We have an african american girl so I wash and braid her hair every Sunday.

It is especially important to remember that foster parents need to use their respite often.
We were lucky that my sister is in a position to be our respite and we compensate her for that.
My husband and I have a standing date most Friday evenings. It is easy to get caught up with the kids that parents forget about their own needs. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

Looking forward to reading your future blogs. Happy parenting!!!


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