Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"Josie" a Criminal?

Yes. NO! Yes again....nevermind.

We were rousted from bed early this morning by the monitoring company whose job is to make life hell for people under house arrest wearing the little ankle bracelets...and those adults responsible for them. You see, until "Josie's" court date, she's under house arrest, meaning her P.O. has to sign off on any movements outside the house.

Seems they had called two times earlier in the night and left messages...their equipment indicates that there were three escapes during the night, duration lasting between a few and 45 minutes. Leaving aside the fact that there is nowhere around here to GO on foot in less than an hour, we sprang into action. The Wife checked her shoes. Dry. I checked HER. In bed, to all appearances sleeping. We let them know that...and went back to bed. Further countermeasures have been deployed for tonight, not so much to catch her, because after consultation we don't believe she did anything, but as a way of gathering evidence one way or the other to bring a stronger degree of confidence to court on Friday.

We're pretty sure she's innocent at this point.

But wait...The Wife calls me into the kitchen this evening, and hands me what looks like a miniature razor blade. What the...? She says she found it in the wash, and thinks it might be the kind of thing a meth (or some other kind of) user might use to crush up pills. Wow. I'm no meth user, but damned if it didn't look just like that type of thing. More food for thought.

15 minutes later, she comes into the living room as I'm mulling over this new information and drops into my hand the rest of the pencil sharpener she found in the wash. You know, the little pocket kind that you twist a pencil into to sharpen it. The kind an artistic kid might keep handy for her doodling.

Holy crap, but we have to be careful not to convict this little chick in our heads without being very, very thorough in our investigations. We're on a hair trigger and looking for trouble here, and this is giving me whiplash.

Heh. I'm having fun already.


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