Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I went to bed last night around 8 and slept until about 9 this morning. I've been up a couple hours and will be going back to bed shortly. Flu sucks.

The only news to report is that "Josie" had a friend over last night as I was on my downward health spiral. Suddenly, with no prior knowledge on our part, a car shows up with two people in it. Here is where we should have said "Hey, get those people back in the car and back to wherever they came from". But no, we just watched as they came into our house and into "Josie's" room...where they locked the door.

Alarms whooped. Sirens sounded. We checked, and one of the newcomers was Snotnose's sister. She's explicitly on the no-contact list. "Josie" KNOWS that. Little punk had the gall to pretend she didn't.

I got to be the bad guy, and I was very firm and blunt. I was actually proud of how polite I was under the circumstances, feeling as crappy as I was. She led her friends down to their car while I prepared for a battle royal when she got up. I wasn't looking forward to it.

I got all wound up and ready to swing when she went into whine mode...and she didn't. She treated it as "oh, well, you figured it out. It was worth a shot". She was even smiley. I think she got away with something under our noses, but I can't quite place what it was. Aargh. The girl's good. Very good. We shall be better, sooner or later.

One final note...there was a strange odor in her room after they left. I know pot, and it wasn't that. Wasn't cigarettes. Wasn't any of the goodies I remember from college, though that didn't include crack, or meth, or any of the harder stuff that seems so common these days. I also know, and "Josie" knows from experience, that she can and will be tested in the near future for drugs, so I'm not concerned that she was doing drugs. This time. But I think somebody was, and I really wish I could place that odor.

Anybody know if you can just walk into a cop shop and ask them to smell their confiscated drugs so you can place them when your resident delinquents decide to spark up something? Without getting arrested or thrown in a loony bin, I mean?

I'm going to bed. Hope y'all are having a better day.


At 9:15 AM , Blogger Beth said...

In my world this would be a call the social worker's cell phone moment.

I am sure you can call the cops and they won't think you are crazy. I expect they would be happy to come over. However if they smell something like meth they may feel compelled to do a search -- how far are you willing to let this go?

Like I said - I would be calling the social worker.

I am also working on a drug problem -- if you have advice it would be great. Right now I am going to go call the social worker.

At 10:54 AM , Blogger Beth said...

I thought of something else. The cops would know if there was a drug education workshop for parents. Some of those do include education about smells.


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