Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Got to Get Me a Gi-tar

Tonight The Wife surprised me with a new tuning fork and a guitar instruction book, something I've been mumbling around the house about for awhile. The mumbling got more frequent since "Josie" came and brought a guitar with her that she doesn't know how to play and has no apparent interest in playing.

The tuning fork will be handy if I'm ever wanting to play away from home, but when I'm at home the CD that came with the instruction book is actually a better tuning aid and a fantastic general learning device, since I can play along with someone who actually knows what they're doing and know if I got it right or not.

I took a LOT of (wasted) piano lessons as a kid, and a few guitar lessons which I've long since forgotten, but I didn't have the drive to learn then. I do now...and one other thing. I figure if "Josie" hears me actually getting good at it, she might have an interest in learning with me. It would give her something very constructive to do while giving us something in common and something to spend time doing together. Worth a shot.

On a further note, my philosophy: I don't care what guy you talk to, if he says he doesn't want to be a rock star, he's a filthy stinking liar. Every guy wants to be a rock star. Money for nothing and your chicks for free, and all that. I can personally attest to the blister on the finger and thumb, by the way. I have many pretty stripes on my fingertips tonight.

And I will be a rock star one day. You'll see. They'll have to have plenty of geritol in my IV drip and my groupies will be the quilting club from the local nursing home, but I WILL ROCK.

"Josie's" meeting is tomorrow after work. More good stuff then, I'm sure.


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