Friday, March 31, 2006


Phew. Near miss. We got a call about a sibling group of FIVE this afternoon. You have to understand that if we didn't already have three kids in the house this weekend, we're just dumb enough that we probably would have tried it. As it was, we volunteered to take two of them if we absolutely had to, but we never got a callback, so the situation must have resolved itself before they got down to our part of the list.

"Charlie" and "George" are here this weekend. "Charlie" is still as cute as ever, and "George" seems to have something against my eardrums.

Teething must really, really suck.

But hey, at least it takes my mind off the problems with "Josie". I spoke with Mom on the phone tonight, and she reminded me that it was precisely when the airheads at the county started pumping her up about going home that her progress nosedived and she turned into a combination of Medusa and a harpy.

Those people should be fired for gross incompetence, child endangerment and for just plain being stupid beyond all human tolerance. They're the government version of "Dumb and Dumber".

Some of you may remember some time back, when I was having a lot of fun with the possibility of catching "Josie" trying to sneak out. The Wife and I have a suspicion she's up to something for tonight, and it's sort of hard to care now. Before it was like I was fighting a battle for her soul. Now it's like I lost that battle, and the current one is stacked against any possibility of even putting in a good showing by the people who are officially supposed to be looking out for her best interests.

If I win tonight, so what? She waits a week, and she can snort drano, pierce her skull and boink the football team next weekend without repercussions anyway. Her mom won't care that much...not enough to ground her and stay home from the bar and her boyfriend enough to make it stick.

That poor girl. Nobody cares about her like we do, and she seems convinced that we hate her. I wonder if she'll ever realize how it really is with us?

Probably. After it's too late to do any good.


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