Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tricky Situation

Okay, I've thought it through, and this is probably going to seem pretty lame and generalized, but I have to protect "Josie" and other players in this little soap opera.


This evening the bell rang in the middle of my last post. I attacked the dogs and dragged them away from the door while The Wife answered. Silver Star glittering through the screen door. Uh oh. "Josie" flashed through my mind. Caught on the lake in a tryst with Snotface? Caught smoking again? About to be dragged out of our house today after all?


He had heard through certain channels that she posessed an...item. One that would, if it came to light, have the potential to wreck a young lady's life. This would be one of the young ladies with whom Snotface cheated on "Josie", which complicates things considerably. Is it blackmail material being held for current or future use? Probably. We know it was stolen, in any event, complicating things even further.

Apparently The Wife had prior knowledge of this but forgot to tell me...and she knew that we had the option to give up the item or not to law enforcement. We demurred for the moment to consider the ramifications, telling the officer we'd call his boss tomorrow.

After much thought, I can only say that this is the most difficult moral dilemma I've been faced with in my entire life.

On the one hand, if we surrender the item, "Josie" will be very deeply hurt and angry with us for a long time. We'll have hurt her trust in us. I've considered the possibility that our property may be vandalized, as her friends may decide to retaliate...though I don't think that's likely. "Josie" will, however, take yet another hit to her reputation. The other girl, however, will likely have a permanent scar on her life. I am in the way of knowing, or at least strongly feeling, that while she's no angel, the punishment would probably far exceed the actual crime.

On the other hand, "Josie" has apparently done some really, really snotty things in the past, and this would be a poetic justice of sorts. She's smart enough that she would take a lesson from the experience, even if the lesson came at the cost of our relationship with her. The other girl did in fact break the law as it is written, and there are prescribed punishments in the law. We can't let theoretical retaliation by kids influnce our decision. And finally, there is a lady deeply involved in a positive way in "Josie's" life whose judgement I am rapidly beginning to trust and who feels we should release the item.

There are other hands here, plus other aspects of the hands above, but I feel I've divulged as much as I can without getting into trouble.

But after a couple of calls for guidance to people we trust, I guess the decision is made. I'm going to bring the item with me to work tomorrow. I'm going to call the Silver Star's boss and tell him to have one of his boys come around and pick it up. I guess we'll see where it goes from there.

I really, truly hope this is the right course. I'm going to call my mommy now to get her agreement if I can, and comfort in any case.

I feel very young right now.


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