Friday, June 02, 2006

Down But Coming Up

I've been trying to shake off the blues all week. I'm not sure exactly what's the matter with me, but I suspect it has something to do with all work and no play making Dan a dull boy. Or something. Nothing like an outing with "Angel" to break up whatever mood you're in.

We went to town to pick up a swimming pool. Yes, that's right. We're asking for it. We picked up a 15-foot-diameter swimming pool that's like a few feet deep or something. "Angel" loves the water so much, we couldn't resist. Plus, I happen to like the water too and I can't think of a better way to while away a few hours on a summer Saturday afternoon than to sit in a floating chair with a book, occasionally saving "Angel" from herself, and drinking a mint joolip. Or maybe a diet Mountain Dew...but the point still holds.

We had gotten through our find McDining experience and were walking the aisles at Menard's before I realized how easy it is to have "Angel" out and about. When did that happen? There weren't even any fusses to put up with, much less the sort of rampage that sends me grabbing her on my way sprinting out the door to the parking lot. I was impressed in the extreme.

I'm still not quite out of my recent funk completely, so I'll just mention one more thing..."Angel" has a real way with her Daddy. Her constant questions still annoy (mildly) and her singlemindedness about some things (whenever there's a shopping cart daddy's hand MUST be on the push-bar for whatever reason) can irritate, but one warm smile and all is well.

I had a lot of sad, frustrating years in the last couple of decades or so of my life, and my recent downer is just a remainder of that, I think. I have a tendency to live in the's a curse, trust me. I'm learning to shake that (except for the 80s music thing which I don't think I'll ever quite get rid of), and The Wife makes it a lot easier. Without her I'd be lost. But "Angel" on top of The Wife makes it positively easy at times.

Who says fostering is all about helping kids? I think sometimes it's about the kids helping me. And they're doing a good job of it. I'm really glad they're in my life.


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