Sunday, May 21, 2006

Random Observations

Life seems to be working the way it should, which unfortunately makes for poor blogging. Combine that with my lack of creative impulse the last few days, and you have a sad situation indeed.

I do, however, have a few observations on life to share this evening before I get some sleep.

1) "Rumor Has It" is a scary, funny, romantic, fun, nasty, intriguiging and all-around romp of a good movie. Any review would be a spoiler, so suffice it to say that Jennifer Aniston finally created a character that wasn't one-dimensional and wasn't a clone of Rachel from "Friends".

2) Children must be reminded of things again and again. A child insists on crawling around chasing puppies, one of whom is large and a klutz. She gets them buzzed up and the klutz either grabs her hand too hard with his mouth (NOT a bite) or steps on her hand or otherwise hurts her. She screams bloody murder and insists on many kisses to make it okay again. That child will, usually within an hour, do the same thing again. Even after it has happened 3,272 times in the last 2 weeks and you've begun to lose sympathy.

3) If a dog can get their lead tangled in the garden hose and pull it hard enough to break the faucet, they will. Plumbing again soon.

4) Gardening is hard work. It's also rewarding. I planted my first vegetable garden yesterday, and I'm hoping I did it right. I guess I'll know in the next few weeks.

5) My father is a criminal. He drove my boatlift on a trailer 60+ miles while nearly two feet over the legal width limit. I had my checkbook all fired up to pay for any tickets, but we seem to have gotten by with one. Apparently my sheriff neighbors didn't pick the exact wrong time to head for church and meet Dad coming in like I figured they would.

6) I seem to have become entrenched as the go-to guy for bedtime as far as "Angel" is concerned. Mom is mornings, Dad is bedtime, and THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO THAT. NO QUESTIONS WILL BE TOLERATED.

7) I get to go on a date with my lady on our anniversary tomorrow night.

Life is good.


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