Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Tammy" Busted

"Tammy", who has been staying with us on and off, usually for a night or two every week or two for respite, apparently attacked a cop at school and is now a guest of the city or county government (not sure which).

She is actually a pretty interesting case, but I should say up front that while I don't necessarily doubt that she did it and I don't blame them for busting her for it, I am in no way afraid of this girl. If I had an infant, I'd still be perfectly comfortable with her in the house, and I'd probably even let her take care of the baby for a short while. She is no real danger to anybody but maybe herself, and she would NEVER do anything to harm The Wife or me or any of our family.

She sometimes has difficulty with authority figures. We don't really count because we don't lay down the law with her much. She hasn't ever really needed it, and we aren't big fans of the heavy-handed schools of fostering thought. Life is too short to get all nasty with people if you don't have to, ya know?

Anyway, I'll be interested to hear her side of things. I'll bet anything she got in one of her moods and the cop laid some kind of smartass remark on her, so she clocked him one. I can just see it happening.

I find myself hoping she ends up coming to stay on a more full-time basis for awhile. "Tammy" is my kind of chick, so laid back you wouldn't believe she was alive if her eyes weren't open. Always ready with a hug when I get home from work and very appreciative of meals, The Wife cleaning the house and suchlike. More kids could learn to be like her and the world would be a better place.

Ah, well.


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