Thursday, December 08, 2005

An End and a Beginning

Well, hopefully my dry spell is just about up. After several electrical inspections, a fire inspection and a couple of safety inspections, we signed contracts today. Officially, as soon as "Vicki" gets the papers in the mail tomorrow, we will be licensed for foster care in the state of Minnesota.

We've had to put up railings, buy fire extinguishers, wire and sheetrock our entire basement, box in ducts in the garage with sheetrock, insulate, draw up fire escape plans, and on and on and on. As a bonus, night before last the plumbing fairy visited and we were without the services of our kitchen sink until I was able to learn how to fix the pipe. I didn't even let my butt crack hang out too much. Mom was proud.

I can't say from experience how long now until we get a placement, but from what "Vicki" said and what Mom has said, I'm guessing we will most likely meet our original goal of having children in the house to give Christmas gifts to. One girl in her early teens who needs one-weekend-a-month respite care may be our first victim project...or we may end up with a sibling group, or some other child they haven't mentioned yet.

It's a waiting game now. Hey, that's the game we've been playing since I started this blog! least we know this is the last wait. The Wife and I are going out on a date tomorrow night. We figure we'd better take our chances while we still have them. When the tornado hits, we may not get out on another date alone together until 2021.


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