Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Visit

After a hellacious day of catching up at work after my sick day, I was just starting to think about going home when I got an urgent call from "Josie". She had gone one whole evening in a row without having a friend over, and she had one lined up for tonight and could I pleeeeeeeeeeze pick her up since she lives in the town where I work?

Heh. What the heck. As I've commented before in this space, I love the opportunity to meet the local kids whenever I can, for a variety of reasons. I was supposed to meet her at the local gas station and she wasn't there yet when I arrived, so I stepped in to pick up a soda. There were two friends of "Josie's", both of whom have taken meals in my home, and both of whom are the sort of kids you don't mind having over for a meal in your house.

I got a kick out of both of them, and they seemed happy to see me. Enough so that when I told them who I was waiting for, one of them immediately said "I'll call her and make sure she's coming". Heh. He was more gung-ho than I was.

He presently returned and said she was on her way, which she was, since she showed up on foot about two minutes later. About two minutes after that, I had used up my conversational arsenal (not for the first time).

When I was 15, I was horrible at talking to girls. I could never figure out what to say and I always felt like a dork. I'm now 38. Nobody in the history of the world has been worse at talking to 15-year-old girls, and I have now confirmed through independent sources that I am in fact a dork.

Some things never change.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go and lurk in the living room and provide fodder for teenage girls to laugh at. Not with. At.

I love my life.


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