Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Date and Hope Renewed

Well, "Josie" and I had a date. It was actually a very nice, mellow time, at least for me. We drove to a town about 20 miles away and had dinner, followed by a stop in a record store to get her a new nose ring.

I guess this isn't the 50s. Or even the 80s.

You know, it isn't often most people get to see a thin 15-year-old girl eat like a rhinoceros, but most people don't often take "Josie" out for chinese. Holy crap. I had to lean back from the table to be sure I didn't let any loose clothing get sucked in along with the rice, crab legs, egg rolls, and half the rest of the buffet. People get hurt that way.

And on to the mall. After collecting our purchases at the record store from a guy whose face looked like a tire chain and whose arms had not one visible square inch of flesh tone but lots of green, blue, red, and other colors, we walked by a shoe display.

She wanted those shoes. Apparently they're "crumpy", and apparently that's a good thing. And she knows how to turn on the charm. Of course it's hopeless to resist. I will be assimilated. But along the way, I will get part of her allowance for a few weeks and I will have my car cleaned out for me. This is the deal she offered, and I had the strength not to accept it on the spot, but of course I will, probably tomorrow. I'd be a hopeless case if this girl was actually my daughter.

And the best turns out her PO does care after all. Word is, he's going to recommend to the court that she stay at our house after being brainwashed briefed by The Wife on the Facts Of Life. Good, good job, babe. We got him where we want him now. And we've got our "Josie" where we want her, too.

There's still hope.


At 5:06 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Thanks for "playing" in the "why are you a foster parent" game. I appreciate it....and by the way...when you mentioned, in your other comment about making a kennel dog into a house were speaking about the dog right? I mean, I was speaking metaphorically about my boys, but you weren't talking about "Josie"...I think.
In any case is to was laugh-out-loud funny!

At 1:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you out of your mind? buying a nose ring for th kyd? unsanitary, ugly, and a total waste. you act like a dad. mom

At 9:44 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Wow. Mom showed up in comments...I'm guessing with help from Dad, but she may be getting better with the computer, too. Anyway, Mom, I didn't have a lot of was two-on-one, and The Wife wins most of the time even when it's one-on-one.

Besides, it's not really the same world anymore. She CAME with the ring, and has already had it for three years. I'm just happy she's not pregnant yet and hasn't come home drunk.

Priorities, and all that. A little metal in the nose is okay as long as she doesn't sneeze and kill someone.


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