Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Date

I worked late last night and didn't feel like blogging in the little time I had left at home, so I'm taking just a bit of my time back from The Boss this morning.

I have a date tonight with a beautiful lady. No, not The Wife, but don't tell her. She's at her usual Wednesday-night Bible study, so "Josie" and I are going out to do something together.

I have to think of her as a beautiful lady, because I've been disappointed in her lately and can't think of her as a Good lady. It seems she feels the need to break the land speed record in dropping her pants and spreading her legs at every opportunity to be with her boyfriend. You know, the one I've discussed before who sleeps around a lot and is carrying who knows how many STDs. And mind you, she won't use any birth control. She's not real smart that way.

Our problem is compounded by the fact that the county social worker has been pumping up the idea of her going home, presumably because the county doesn't want to pay for her foster care...the social worker said the only reason she's involved in this at all is because it's the county's dime. Her social workers, counselers, teachers at her school, plus her foster parents, her PATH social worker and even her mother have recognized how well she's been doing since living with us and are united in opposition to this stupid (at this time) idea. Her probation officer doesn't seem to give much of a crap one way or the other so long as she doesn't have a positive UA. Drugs or alcohol aren't even a real problem for this one, so it's easy for her to stay clean that way.

On the bright side, I think there will be good attendance at her court date next month, and I think if he gives us the chance, the judge will get an earful from most of the players in this. Here's one we can actually save mostly intact instead of having to just pick up the pieces. Hope the court recognizes that.

In other news, scientists have learned a new technique for grafting wings on pigs.

I predict she'll go home next month, and if she's lucky she'll be back within a month or two. More likely she'll be shipped out to an out-of-town, far more expensive residential facility. On the county's dime.

"Vicki" needs to get us a new project soon, I think. This one's about to be taken away from us.

Oh, and please post any ideas on what we should do tonight, besides eating/getting an ice cream. I've never been good at creative outings. Maybe bowling? She likes that.


At 12:16 PM , Blogger Beth said...

Can you tolerate a Mall Crawl? Perhaps you are so fortunate not to be close to one...but that's one thing that my teenagers always seemed to enjoy.


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