Thursday, March 09, 2006

Busyness, Sadness, Sadness and Happiness

I worked late last night, then went home and worked until bedtime. I'm at work early this morning. Yes, we have a project coming due.

The event of note for yesterday was that "Josie" was scheduled for a home visit...but her mom never called the probation officer, so she wasn't allowed to take it. The Wife told her mom repeatedly that she needed to call the PO, and she said things like "call him and have him call me". She was informed that it's not our job to chase down the PO for her, and she should call if she wants her daughter to visit. She was told this on Monday. Guess drinking was more important. She didn't call. Josie was home with us last night.

As an added bonus, she brought a friend who was having a hard time with her father, who was drunk, to spend the night. I didn't get to talk to her a lot since I was working, and after all parents (and foster parents) are things to be ignored at all costs by the host child, but she seemed nice and The Wife got to know her a little and agrees with that assessment.

I suppose I should stop beating about the bush. I was pretty much in "Josie's" bag about two weeks after she got here. I might as well make it official, to my readers if not yet to her face.

I love this girl. I wish she was my forever daughter.


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