Monday, March 13, 2006

A Week From Tuesday

That's "Josie's" court date. That's when we find out if we'll have to opportunity to make a more lasting impression on this beautiful girl, or if she'll be thrown back into her former unstructured, lonely life.

I sent an email to The Boss this morning informing him that I've been knocking myself out for him over the last few weeks (to the point that I've even neglected my blog at times out of sheer fatigue), that I'll be knocking myself out over the next few weeks or months through this crucial time in our company's young life...but that he WILL give me the afternoon of the 21st off.

His email reply said, simply, "OK". The Boss can be okay when he's not being, well, The Boss.

Our current not-fully-formed plan involves picking "Josie" up from school that day and taking her out for her favorite lunch, which is anything from Subway. Then we'll shop, or go to the museum or find something else to do together, and around midafternoon head over to the court house and find out if our fine little temporary family will stay together or not.

I hope it will. I surely do.


At 1:41 PM , Blogger Tamara said...

I hope your little family stays together too - it appears to have had infinitely positive impacts on all involved. My, March is a busy month for foster parents in blog-land. We had court yesterday, and our foster daughter's goal was moved to adoption. I certainly hope you get good news too.

(Hope it's okay that I linked up to your blog from mine - I think my friends would love reading your posts)


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