Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Weird Scariness

I had to work late tonight (as usual for Tuesdays lately), and I got a call toward the time I was thinking of heading home. The Wife was scared, because "Josie" had taken both of her medicines at the same time, and she was now dizzy, disoriented, and not able to say a full sentence decently. Compounding the problem is that we have a steep driveway down to our garage, and it's late winter and it's been raining. The van can't make it up the slope today, so "Josie" couldn't be brought to the doctor should it become necessary.

I was out the door in 30 seconds flat.

When I got home, it seemed about like The Wife had said, but it didn't seem worse, so it looks like we'll just wait and see. The Wife has a headache tonight and is lying down, so it looks like a vigil for me tonight.

We'll probably let the school know what happened so they can do a UA if they want, but this didn't feel like a getting-high-gone-bad kind of situation to me.

Rest assured, she's going to the hospital at the first further sign of trouble.


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