Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ooh, One Other Thing...

I've been feeling right with the world this weekend for one other reason. "Josie" called us from lockup. Twice. I got to talk to her both times, and she was pretty down both times. I did my best to buck her up. She actually seemed concerned that we might not bother to show up at her court hearing. She was worried we didn't care.

Now I ask anyone who has been following this we care? We have not hidden our affection from her. She can be such a dipstick sometimes. But then, a girl like her in her position probably needs lots of reassurance. That's okay. We have lots.

At the end of the conversation, I told her I loved her, and hang in there. Both times.

Her answer both times: "I love you too."

Score! I win.

UPDATE: And then I look back at recent entries again and discover I already told you about the first time. Well, at least the second time was news. I can only say that I'm physically exhausted and probably not at my sharpest. Time for bed, I guess.


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