Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sweet 16

"Josie" was visiting her parents this weekend...apparently she got a special visit for her 16th birthday, which was today. We met her at a town a short distance away to visit and have breakfast together this morning. It was really, REALLY cool to see her again, and I think she thought so too.

Of course, she's still quite the airhead. My folks sent a present along of a pillow and a pair of halloween socks. She immediately made use of the socks, since she had neglected to actually bring any from the girls' home. Heh. We also gave her $20, which I half expect her to get stolen by the other girls in the home, but I guess it's the thought that counts plus we won more points with her. That could be important later, because I still have a very strong feeling that she'll screw up if they send her back to her mother's, and she'll be back with us again. We'll need whatever goodwill we can muster to get her to actually TRUST us when we're making unpopular decisions.

She's slimmed down quite a bit, too. Don't get me her heaviest she was still a boy magnet, but now she could be a model or something. That's maybe more trouble than it's worth, but it was good to see her looking fit.

I miss her. Hope she's thinking of me sometimes and not cursing. Heh.


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