Friday, March 30, 2007

Command Performance

FosterAbba has commanded me to blog. Therefore....I shall blog.

I haven't had a lot going on around here, because the house is STILL empty except for our regular respites every other weekend or so...but there are a few interesting things going.

First of all, "Melanie" has now caught just a little bit preggers. For those of you that don't speak my godmother's language, that means she's knocked up. She's eighteen, no job, her dad regularly kicks her out of the house, and she's not ENTIRELY sure which guy it was. Sigh. Meanwhile, back in realityville, The Wife and I can't catch a break on adopting, never mind that we'd absolutely love to pop out two or three kids right now and CAN'T. Life ain't fair, guys.

Last night was particularly bothersome. We have regular meetings with the other PATH foster parents in the area; they're called "share and support" meetings and the time spent there counts towards our education hour quota so we tend to be regulars. They sometimes degenerate into bitch sessions, but they're usually very interesting and you can catch some great tips on how to handle situations that way.

Anyway, this particular time the only ones who showed up were "Vicki", the host couple and us. The host couple currently has 4. FOUR. (!) I sense a certain inequality here. It was pretty hilarious, though, because it seems that of the four, two or three have "boundary issues", which in their case means that they like to sneak out and do as many guys as they can as often as they can. They have problems with authority and they can be really bitchy, but they're also loveable and fun to have around a lot of the time. I personnally think they're channeling "Josie" somehow, because the flashbacks I was getting as they described it were really wicked.

Anyhoo, we did hear about one really, REALLY cool situation that we COULD get into, and we should hear whether it could happen or not by sometime next week. It's a 16-year-old girl who just had a baby. 9 days old today. The girl is fetal-acohol syndrome, and they're not sure about her baby. She's Native-American, and we're told the baby is part NA plus part black and part hispanic. Sounds like a REAL cutie...but I'm still trying to puzzle out how the tribe(s) are considering letting her go into the care of us white devils. I don't know how the Indians are around other parts of the country, but here they're pretty separatist and often very racist. I would have figured they'd no more let us take care of one of their kids than let us kill their women and rape their buffalo, but there you have it.

Anyway, it's tantalizing because depending on the situation, that sounds to me like one baby that may well be up for adoption after 8 months (the apparent time limit on that type of placement in our system), and my understanding is that if that were to happen that the foster parents the baby lives with typically have first dibs on adoption. Heck, the only reason The Wife agreed to marry me is because I can pass for hispanic when I've got a nice tan. There are four sisters there. One married me, one recently married a dark-haired guy, and the other two married guys named Raque and Lupe. You figure it out. It's a family thing.

And that's about it for the moment. I'd say that I'll be writing more again soon, but you've heard that song and dance. My narcoleptic muse has been letting me down lately...but you can bet your right eye that it'll pick up once we have more action here.