Sunday, October 23, 2011

After Action Report

I don't think we'll be doing foster care for the foreseeable future.  We have enough of our own problems right now...though I have hope that The Wife and I can work through them.  "Pixie" was our last foster child for awhile, though.  And I hope "Pixie" the best, and last heard she's doing better in her family environment.  I've heard mixed results on the others we tried so hard and sunk our lives into so deeply.  Some have been good.  I hope we had a hand in that.  Some have done not-so-good.  I hope we didn't make their situation worse.

We might do foster care again...but I don't think it will be at least for another couple of years.  So let's consider this a MAJOR hiatus.  I'll continue this blog if such time comes as it makes sense.  Until then, I'll be focusing on my own child.  Panda.  And The Wife.  That's all that matters now.