Saturday, November 08, 2008

Daddyness, Business, and Other Stuff

Okay, people. Here's the deal(s).

1) I'm now a daddy. Not officially (of course), but in all pertinent respects I'm Amanda's daddy. I change her diaper at least once a day, nobody is telling me I can't be her daddy, and I think she may have already called me "dada", though I think that last one may have just been wishful thinking while listening to her communicate to me her need to pee. At any rate, the Tribe has mostly cried uncle and we're just waiting for the required time (90 days in this case) and then we'll finalize and be done with it.

This tribe has cost us thousands of dollars and untold heartache. I've described a very little bit of it in this space, but there was a lot more that went on with that whole thing. In the end, we never did get to know why they did it. I only have one further comment on that...if they're treating other people like they treated us, then I predict there will be no Indian Tribes (at least as "sovereign nations") in 50 years. They're in the process of proving that not only are they not soveriegn nations, but they have a crappy foreign policy and should be conquered.

2) We will soon resume full-time fostering, I think this next week. We're switching to boys for a bit, and our next victim child is one that we've had for respite during my dormant blogging period. A post dedicated to him will be forthcoming soon.

3) Big changes may happen soon. I just need to get The Wife fully on board with some of this, but...

I NEED to own my own house. And by "own" I mean "not owe anything on it". I've decided I don't WANT to make mortgage payments every month. I'd rather just make tax and insurance payments every 6 months or whatever.

Tomorrow, we have a real estate lady coming over who has looked at our house this last week and will tell us what it's worth in the current nasty market. If she gives the right answer (i.e. high enough) then we MAY be looking to list our house. I've found a house in town that seems to be a hot potato and nobody wants it. I can see why. It definitely needs at least a full shingle job within one year or it's going to leak and the rest of the house will be worthless. The realtor also seems to think some plumbing will be necessary to make it livable. I can live with that. I can do some plumbing, and so can Dad, but mostly I know guys I can hire to do a spotless job of either shingling OR plumbing if I'm not having to make a mortgage payment.

And once the shingling and plumbing is done, we can then channel money toward knocking down walls and putting in others to make the rooms how we want, installing whatever we want, etc. Because this house is HUGE. It was a bed-n-breakfast in a previous life, and it has at least 5 bedrooms. It's three stories plus a full basement. It doesn't have nearly the yard we have now, but I know I can work with it and I THINK I can get The Wife on board if our house was to be listed (to be decided) and if it sold before this thing did.

And given its hot-potato status, I also think we could get it for less than it's being advertised for, which is less than I thought possible for ANY 3-story building.

And then, we can be putting money away for a rainy day. Because I've also begun to wonder about my desire to continue with software development. I'd love to go independent, but there doesn't seem to be anybody anxious to hire me for a 3-month gig or whatever, and I've been trying for years. I'm tired of trying to keep up with the changes, which come about every 6 months or so.

I look at general business, and it hasn't changed in decades except for the application of new tech. So I want to be a businessman. I'd like to just be able to APPLY the new tech, and not be responsible for dreaming it up. I've got a great head start in this area, and I think I could put it to good use, even in a small town.

We'll see. Anyway, after the new year I'll have an official daughter (plus probably some new bills) and we may or may not be moving into town.

As Forrest Gump would say, "that's all I have to say about that."