Thursday, July 28, 2011

Checking In

Yeah, I haven't been posting in awhile.  Nothing to post, at least foster-related.  We're on a sabbatical from fostering.  The good news is, I am currently in week 5 of my last 8-week course for special ed.  I'll be taking a break after that from school to build up some more money to finish, but the only thing that will be left is a semester of student teaching.  And then I'll be eligible to be a teacher.  Special Ed, Emotional and Behavioral disorders.  I fully expect that the first words out of my first student's mouth will be "physician, heal thyself".  And I guess they'll probably be right, to a degree.

I did give the address for the blog to my current professor, and she claims to be suitably impressed with my archives here.  I was inspired to give the address out to my class.  I guess I'll see if any of them feel that the hours I've spent dumping my guts into this thing have been worth it...but I know that if I never wrote about another child, perusing the archives and remembering "Angel", "Pixie", and especially "Josie"...well, you can't buy those kinds of feelings with money.  Not even in a Las Vegas hotel at 2 in the morning.  I HELPED those kids.  Whatever mistakes I've made before that or since...with those kids, I was the good guy.

And I think I will be again.  I certainly can't promise anything, but within the next year or two perhaps, we may be in a position to reenter the foster wars.  Right now our beautiful Panda will be three years old on September 2.  We're focusing our energies on making sure that she has everything she needs.  Right now, that may include a stick to fight off her grammy's incessant hugs and kisses.  But once she's in school and we're moved to a new town (and county and possibly state) and we get a bit settled...well, things could get boring again.  And we could get stupid again.  And then, of course, the natural thing to do is start fostering again.

I'll never get the need to work with kids out of my blood.  Never.  Thanks, Mom.

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