Monday, March 06, 2006

And We're Finished

Taxes filed, with a surprising return. That's probably the most pain-free tax filing I've had since the last time I qualified to use the 1040-EZ, which was probably the 1992 tax year or so.

TurboTax may be good, but H&R Block Rox. Plus, come to think of it, this is the first time I've filed my taxes by satellite. Sign o' the times, my friends.

I look forward to 30 years from now, when we'll be filing our taxes via direct brain wave uplink. People will get arrested and/or fined for filing taxes while flying their hovercraft to work because they don't have a brain-multitasking license and they're not in one of the newer self-guided hovercraft.

It'll be cool, but the cop that arrests you will have to have a graduate degree because it'll take so many years to learn all the laws the politicians will have passed by then so he can enforce them.

Of course, foster kids will still be "going on walks" (perhaps on the conveyer sidewalk or the Seguey version 7.5) to smoke and kids will still be gathering to have bonfires and drink, and they'll still be parking and jumping into the back seat of the hovercraft together.



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