Monday, March 06, 2006

Went to Skool

For the first time in a very long time, I showed up at school this morning. It was more fun than work, the teachers were much nicer than I remember (probably because I wasn't the one in their sights), and the chairs seemed smaller somehow.

The Wife and I were there to participate in a war council in preparation for "Josie's" upcoming court date, where she will find out what sort of medium-term future she'll be enjoying. It was attended by most of the people who deal with her on a day-to-day basis. With the possible exception of the county social worker (again probably there only because her employer is footing the bill for "Josie's" foster care), we were like one mind.

It was a lot of fun to hear these people echo my thoughts so precisely. I also had the chance to study this Creature From The County a little closer when she wasn't looking. It totally blew right by me that she, like our Little Darling, has at some point in her life driven a spike through the flesh of her nostril. Bear in mind that this lady is serving as a direct example of how we want our children to behave. Heh.

Maybe it was just my perception of the situation, but it seemed to me that she was being very, very still through the whole proceedings. One teacher after another highlighted "Josie's" good progress over the last few months, and then highlighted even more the need for her to stay in her current environment in order for her to continue her improvement. More than one flatly stated that if she were to go home, it would be "a disaster".

The same ones predicted the same result if she were to go to the regular high school (she's in a "therapeutic" school at this point). One of them said something about how she had "burned all her bridges". I have no doubt this is true, but I'd love to hear the details on that one. You can bet I'll be buttonholing that particular teacher when parent/teacher conferences roll around. Or if I accidentally find myself wandering around town on a lunch hour this spring, I may wander the entire 4 or 5 blocks to the school and offer to buy her lunch in exchange for information.

I'm shameless.

The most disheartening thing about today? I had it confirmed to my satisfaction that Snotface's pet nickname for "Josie" is "Thumper", after a certain rodent who will happily do a certain activity very frequently.

I value this girl far more highly than she values herself. We need to find a way to change that.


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